Saturday, December 20, 2014

2014 End of the Year Awards: Ones to Watch in 2015

My One to Watch last year, Lupita Nyong'o, did not disappoint so I am hoping that the same will be come the next year with the four ladies that I have chosen this year. Usually I try to cut it down to one but each of these ladies that are featured have me excited for the year to come for different reasons. Amal Clooney showcased her sartorial style during her wedding weekend festivities in Venice, Italy earlier this year. I am excited to see what the new Mrs. George Clooney will wear as a plus one to major events that her hubby may attend in the coming year. Up next is supermodel turned actress Cara Delevinge. The 22 year old British superstar has five movies coming out in the next year which just helps cement her "IT" girl status even more. What I love so much about Cara is that she knows how to balance glamorous red carpet dressing with her rocker edgy personality. A repeat appearance on this list is Felicity Jones. I put her on this list back when this blog first started and we really did not see her live up to that title until this year. With an awards season run, most likely ultimately ending with an Academy Award nomination, as well as two films premiering in 2015 I will be extremely excited to see if Felicity gives me the red carpet run that I have been waiting for. Last but not least we have Riley Keough. Three films, including the much anticipated "Mad Max: Fury Road" adaptation, being released in 2015. I am excited to see what the actress, who this year shunned the gown for events like the Met Ball and Cannes Film Festival, will wear for her major premieres.

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