Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Yves St Laurent Returns to Couture! (Kinda)

 It was announced this morning that Saint Laurent was going to be relaunching itself back into couture under the Yves Saint Laurent label. Back in 2012 when Heidi Slimane first stepped into the role of Creative Director at YSL and dropped the Yves from the name he also hinted to the fashion world that he was going to be saving the Yves Saint Laurent label for a return to haute couture at some point. Well that day has come, kinda. Yves Saint Laurent will be creating custom "couture" pieces but there will be no presentation of seasons during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week any time soon.
 Heidi Slimane is going to only be creating Yves Saint Laurent Couture for a personally selected group of individuals. The collection will be created with the clients personally and on a case by case basis. We do get a sneak peak into what the collection will include with an all black and white ad campaign that Heidi Slimane shot himself in the YSL Atelier in Paris. Classic suits and timeless gowns were what was featured mostly in the campaign, but we have been told that the Yves Saint Lauren couture collection is not just limited to formal wear for women but will also include everyday wear as well as menswear. To get Yves Saint Laurent couture one must apply and then be personally selected by Mr Slimane.
I have also been told that the Yves Saint Laurent Couture label will work with clients to recreate those enviable "custom" red carpet looks that celebrities wear for major movie premieres, awards shows, and film festivals that are worn under the Saint Laurent label. I have to say that I am really excited to see where the Yves Saint Laurent Couture label goes. The house of Saint Laurent has had a 25% increase in sales in the last year and I am hoping that if the couture label really takes off and sells that one day in the near future we will actually see Yves Saint Laurent back on the couture circuit during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

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