Friday, January 16, 2015

Runway Report: Moschino Fall 2015 Menswear

"Mountaineering Ravers" that was what Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott entitled his Fall 2015 Menswear collection for the house. "They are in a snowy forest," Scott said. "But are on their way to a rave." Scott also looked at Bruce Weber photos as an interpretation for this collection. What we end up getting is an over the top collection that is a visual assault and one where you really have to step back and dissect the looks. "I always over exaggerate" Scott said. "I always try to push." The collection mixed plaid checks, shearing, and faux fur with plastics, sequins, and metallic patterns.
What I would take most out of this collection would be the coats. I tend to keep my shirts and pants very classic but love to incorporate bold jackets and coats into my closet. I would gladly incorporate any of the coats that Jeremy Scott presented into my wardrobe. Backstage Scott is quoted as saying "There is still a ton that is missing from menswear that is still plausible but pushes the boundaries." This collection defiantly proves that. I would love to see someone rushing down the ski slopes wearing one of the sequin puffer coats or the washed denim printed, from a photo that Scott took himself, coat. If you want to push boundaries this is the collection for you to find your next coat or really anything from.

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