Friday, February 6, 2015

Grammy Menswear: A How To Guide

The Grammy Awards are Sunday night and all the clamor is about what the female music stars like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Madonna will show up wearing. I have to say that menswear when it comes to the red carpet is typically boring. Guys either show up in t-shirts and jean or in full on black tux. There is not really any variation. I will say that thanks to designers like Saint Laurent we have seen slight deviations from the "typical" menswear look for the red carpet. I actually pulled two pieces from Saint Laurent, a tuxedo jacket with leather lapels ($2,750) and leather slim fit pants ($3,190) for the look that I would wear if I was going to the Grammy Awards. I thought that this crisp white Givenchy shirt was a perfect edgy addition with its zipper details on the collar and cuffs ($520) as well as the black and white Alexander McQueen skull embroidered silk bow tie ($170). Finish the look with a pair of unexpected white Adieu derby shoes ($700) and you (or me) would be ready to take on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards. This would also be a perfectly complimentary look to the Grammy look I posted yesterday for a beautiful lady.

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