Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Street Style - January 2015

Every January the elite of the fashion elite journey to Paris to take in the spring Haute Couture collection. To do so they pack their absolute best to run around the city, from show to show. What is nice about Paris Haute Couture week is that there are only a select set of minimal shows that the fashion set actually attend and there is usually time in between for them to change or just take their time getting from one place to the next (instead of running like during NYFW.)
What makes looking at the fashion set more fun to me during fashion week is that they are truly showcasing the amazing items in their closets, while the celebrities front row are paid to wear houses creations. During the five days of Paris Couture we really saw the influence of elegance and classic glamour. Something that I have been missing from the street style set who last year really embraced the normcore trend. Big bows, sexy pencil skirts, 50's housewife dresses, and peplum jackets all made me fall just that much more in love with the women who took in the couture collections. The women who take in these collections vary from editors and bloggers to buyers and the couture clientele. Sometimes they wear multiple of these hats.
An emergence of capes continues to make me happy. They have been showing up on the runway for the past few seasons and we are slowly seeing the fashion set using them in their general outerwear. Soon they will very mainstream again and be available at the local department store instead of just at the likes of Bergdorfs, Neimans, and Saks. Accessories always play a major role in the looks of the style set. Many did not seem to focus looks on statement bags but bold statement shoes were the choice of these ladies this season. Each look usually included at least one pop of color, be it from lipstick, a color on a coat or top, a clutch, or bright top in an all black ensemble. With fashion month (New York, London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Weeks) just around the corner (New York Fashion Week starts next Friday!), I am hoping that the style set keeps up the momentum of Couture week giving me major looks to envy.

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