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2015 End of the Year Style Awards: Worst Dressed of 2015

It has come to the time of the year where I really don't enjoy looking back. For the most part 2015 was an amazing year on the red carpet but there were quite a few looks that made me cringe when I saw them. The most painful look I saw on the red carpet this year was when Jane Fonda stepped out on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival wearing a custom Schiaparelli Couture gown for the premiere of her film "Youth." This looked like a cheap Victorian vampire costume and aged Jane many years right away. I couldn't grasp why she looked so terrible since days before Jane was sizzling in an electric blue Atelier Versace gown. The rest of Jane's promotional tour for "Youth" wasn't my favorite but she definitely has some high hope to look up to during awards season.
What would a worst dressed list be without an appearance of Kristen Stewart. I was actually surprised that she showed up in this froufrou satin and lace Chanel Fall 2015 Couture gown on the Venice Film Festival red carpet of her film "Equals." There were actually quite a few looks from that Chanel collection that I would have liked to see KStew wearing. She was further let down by the terribly aging hair and makeup that she paired with her dress.

Another staple of the Worst Dressed list has to be Kim Kardashian-West. I dislike this woman immensely so I might be a little biased but when I first saw this Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2015 Couture gown on the runway I was so excited to see who would snatch it up as it was a glam Studio 54 moment waiting to happen on the likes of Lady Gaga or Rihanna but when Kim got her hands on it she just looked like she was wearing an overly embellished bathrobe. I should sing praised that she wasn't making the dress bulge from the seams like most of her looks that make her look like a stuffed sausage but this really was just a terrible moment.

Probably the most controversial tweet I posted this year was in regards to this canary yellow Atelier Versace Fall 2015 Couture gown that Heidi Klum wore to the 2015 Emmy Awards. I tweeted this look out and said that I wished that Heidi would choose more age appropriate looks. The hate I got back calling me and ageist and a sexist was strong. I will now defend myself. When I saw this look on the runway I was in love; I was picturing a young pop star like Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift wearing this for a music awards show. So color me shocked when Heidi Klum showed up on the Emmy Awards red carpet in it. I found this look to be aging and severely unflattering. That is why she is towards the top of my Worst Dressed of 2015 list.
Britney Spears looked back into her closet from her early years for the style that she wore to the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. I don't even know where to start without how bad this look is. First off let's start with the fit, she looks like a 2lb sausage stuffed into a 1lb shell. Her breasts look like they are screaming to be supported correctly and not to be crushed. Then there is the dated style, if this had been on any of the current pop stars on a stage I don't think I would be having a problem with it but its too short and it looks like a Vegas showgirl costume. The shoes look like cheap prom shoes and the hair and makeup are basic and greasy and aging. All around this is a terrible look.

Following that is Selena Gomez who showed up at a private dinner party at Annabel's in London wearing a Monse Spring 2016 RTW gown that reminded me of very luxe nightgown. I think that this gown could have been great on someone like Rihanna or Ciara or Lady Gaga. These women all have something that Selena doesn't a sexy confidence and sense of diva attitude that is brought to the red carpet. I think that this gown lost all of the luster that it had on the runway on the back of Selena who should go back to Versace as she and Donatella made amazing magic when they were working together.

Solange Knowles was the in-house DJ at the Academy Awards this year. When I heard that she was going to be walking the red carpet I got very excited as Solange usually wears the most amazing clothes, so I was really disappointed when she showed up wearing this tangerine Christian Siriano Fall 2015 RTW gown top and palazzo pants. This look, much like Selena's gown, reminds me of luxurious pajamas. This look was further let down by having the worst hairstyle. To even remotely taking this look to a decent place Solange's hair needed to be sleek in a tight bun.
Moving on to the final group of ladies on the Worst dressed of the Year list. Salma Hayek stepped out on the red carpet at the London Evening Standard Theater Awards putting her breasts on display in an Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2013 gown. Her twins were on full display framed with a dust ruffle. There are only a few women who I could picture pulling this type of look off and they are all very tall women, which Salma is not.

Music Awards shows are usually the source of really bad looks but I can't believe that I have one from all tree of the major awards. I was uber excited to know that Gwen Stefani was going to be walking the red carpet at the American Music Awards but my heart sunk when I saw her in this Yousef Al-Jasmi Spring 2016 Couture black mesh gown. The gown itself isn't terrible but Gwen definitely can do so much better. The look was further let down with the half up/half down hairstyle, heavy cat eye, and nude lip. Gwen has so much potential and this just did nothing to showcase that.

Last but not lease we have Glinda the Good Witch wearing custom Prada on the red carpet at the Met Ball, Kerry Washington. It really pains me to put Kerry on the Worst Dressed list as she is one of my favorite women to see on the red carpet but this pink cupcake just made the 5 foot 4 inch actress look even more petite than the actually is. The emerald green shoes and clutch just added to the feeling that this is a reject costume from The Wizard of OZ.

2015 has been a great year on the red carpet but these are definitely the dark side of what was there, make sure you check back on Friday to see the Best Dressed of the Year list.

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