Friday, January 8, 2016

#RunwayReport: Topman Design Fall 2016 Menswear

London Collections Men's kicked off today with the first of the Fall 2016 Menswear shows. Topman Designs was the first up on the roster and I have to say I hope that this collection is not a sign of things to come. I personally like to dress in a very classy and sophisticated style and the 90's grunge meets 70's leisure suit thing that was going on in this collection has be worried that I won't be able to embrace the trends that are coming into my own wardrobe. There were a few coats in the collection that I wouldn't mind but that is about it. The silhouette on all of the pants were very baggy and I would never go anywhere near a velvet track suit or a crushed velvet leisure suit. I know it is not Topman that usually sets the trends for the next season it just has me slightly worried. Check out some more of the collection bellow.
Topman Design Fall 2016 Menswear
What are your thoughts? Excited for these styles or are your as terrified as I am?

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