Sunday, January 31, 2016

When Bad Dresses Happen to Good People: January Jones in Schiaparelli Couture at the SAG Awards

 I didn't get to see January Jones move down the red carpet at the SAG Awards last night but I don't think it would have helped me like her Schiaparelli Spring 2016 Couture gown any more. The first thing I can't believe is that she was dressed by the same woman who works her magic on the likes of Jessica Chastain, Cate Blanchett, and Viola Davis. I was worried when I watched the Schiaparelli Spring 2016 Couture show that these gowns were going to be a tough sell for anyone walking the red carpet, and sadly they have claimed their first victim. I think that this gown had way to much going on and too much volume for really anyone to be able to pull off without looking like they tore down the organza curtains, wrapped themselves in them, and got in a limo on their way to the awards.
 The styling also did not help the case of the gown. With something so voluminous I don't know why January allowed her hairstylist to do that hideous messy updo. The hairstyle ages her and the makeup fades into the background. With all the detailing around her neck she really needed some sort of lip color to be able to pull focus away from the knots on her shoulders and up to her face. I did like the addiction of the Aurelie Bidermann gold cuff but it was almost lost against the sea of silk chiffon.
This was the only photograph of the gown that I saw that actually made me sort of like it. Sadly January Jones, who is usually a favorite of mine on the red carpet, landed herself in a dud and if Jane Fonda's tragic Schiaparelli Couture gown from last year is any indication, this will be on my mind when I start to make my considerations for Worst Dressed of the Year. It's a shame that bad dresses happen to good people, sorry January but better luck next time!

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