Sunday, January 31, 2016

When Bad Dresses Happen To Good People: Gwendoline Christie in Lanvin at the SAG Awards

 I feel like I am almost always ragging on Gwendoline Christie when she steps onto a red carpet. I think that she has a hard time trying to find the right looks for her based on just how tall she is to start (she is 6'3" after all) but this Lanvin gown, which was presented as a cocktail dress in the Spring 2016 RTW collection, was just awful. On the runway I liked the short bubble hem and I think that the likes of Kate Bosworth, Lupita Nyong'o, or Emma Stone could have sold the cocktail version to me but this gown just looked unfinished. For something custom made for Gwendoline I am very disappointed. The gown does her no favors, that's it. Plain and simple.
The look was further brought down by the angular slicked back bob that she has going on. With this type of gown I would have preferred to see Gwendoline wear her hair in soft vintage inspired curls. The fir of this gown was also terribly off it looked like it was just thrown together. All in all this was not something that should ever have seen the light of day. Gwendoline my personal opinion is stick to simpler styles as they are usually when I love your red carpet outings.

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