Thursday, February 25, 2016

Performance Perfection: Adele in Valentino at the 2016 BRIT Awards

Adele has taken a new lease on her fashion in 2016 and I am LOVING it. Adele is showing women with curves that you just need to embrace them and F**K the haters because if you feel beautiful who cares what others say. Last night Adele wore an absolutely AMAZING Valentino Pre-Fall 2016 sequined gown with a Native American inspired print. I love that when I first saw this dress I picked for Cate Blanchett where the dress would have hung off her body like it did on the model in the lookbook, but I much prefer it fitting to Adele's curves. I have been loving what Adele has been bringing to the red carpet and the stage and I really hope that she continues to show off her fashionable taste and making amazing red carpet moment.

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