Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What Were You Thinking?: Naomi Campbell in Marc Jacobs at the "Zoolander No. 2" NYC Premiere

I am always perplexed as to what Naomi Campbell is thinking when she steps out on the red carpet. As the world's most recognizable supermodel with friends at all of the largest fashion houses Naomi more often than not ends up on my worst dressed list. I have always thought that she should either fire her stylist or if she is making these decisions herself then she should get one. Case and point? This Marc Jacobs Spring 2016 RTW coat that Naomi wore over a black satin bra, and black mini shorts. I know that this was a kitschy red carpet, it started with a fashion show down the red carpet, but this was her actual red carpet look. Just adding to the terrible nature of this look were those silver sandals which just looked cheap. The only thing from this look that I would salvage is the necklace. Sorry Naomi you tried but it just didn't work, please go home and try again.

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